The 6th Generation Grandson of the Founder of Choy Li Fut, Chan Siu Fung Takes Discipleship Under Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong


My Discipleship Ceremony

I am Chan Siu Fung, 6th generation grandson of Chan Heung, founder of Choy Li Fut kung fu. Here is the reason I took discipleship under the internationally well-known grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong and Sifus Lin Ru-Jiang and Lin Ru-Hai. My father had cancer and passed away on August 24, 2004. My grandfather, Chan Sun Chiu, had stroke in July of 2003. Although he has recovered his arms and legs are very stiff. Also, his eyes can't see well and his memory is not as sharp as before. My uncle and his family immigrated to Belize. My other uncles immigrated to Australia.

I really want to learn my family's arts of Choy Li Fut kung fu, but there are no available masters in my city. In China, there are masters from my great-grandfather Chan Yiu Chi's lineage. However, they are in Guangzhou and too far away for me to get there from Jiangmen. Fortunately my grandfather Chan Sun Chiu met Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong and with the approval of my uncle Chan Wing Kin, they requested Grandmaster Wong take me on as his student. The reason my family chose Grandmaster Wong to be my teacher is because his teacher Hu Yuen Chou was the head of the Four Heavenly Kings disciples of my great-grandfather Chan Yiu Chi's school. And Wong Gong is a closed door disciple of the great Chan Cheong Mo of the Jiangmen Hung Sing school. Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong resides in the USA, although he comes to Jiangmen frequently. It is easiest for me to take regular lessons from the twin sifus of the Lin brothers locally. Whenever Grandmaster Wong is in town, he can give me instruction directly. Therefore, on October 15, 2005, I took discipleship ceremony under these three teachers and my grandfather was the witness of the ceremony.

Chan Siu Fung

我陈兆丰是蔡李佛陈享公的第六代嫡孙,我拜国际大师黄德辉博士和林汝 江、林汝海三位师尊门下,因家父在2004年8月24日得绝症逝世 祖父燊樵也在 2003年7月中了风,现虽康复,但手脚不灵,眼有障碍,记性不及以前。我叔父也移民去了百利兹国。几位堂叔伯也移民了去澳洲,我想继承祖业,学好家传的蔡李佛武功,但 找不到适合的明 师。国内大有曾祖耀墀公的门人,但多在广州,离江门太远,后祖父燊樵遇见黄德辉博士,得叔父永建赞成及要求收我为徒,因为黄博士乃师承耀墀 公的早期大弟子四大天王之首的胡云 绰与江门陈长毛公的入室弟子黄江两位师公门下。但黄德辉师尊认为他远居美国,虽然经常回国不如先随新会林氏孖仔二师练 武,等他每次回国时再传授我武功,因此在2005年10月15日拜他们三位为师。在场有我祖父为证 。



Chan Siu Fung
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Chan Siu Fung
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Chan Siu Fung
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Chan Siu Fung
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Doc-Fai Wong
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Chan Siu Fung,
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