Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's Daughter Corinna Wong's wedding

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong gave away his daughter Corinna Wong to Mr. Daniel Chan on October 18, 2003. A traditional Cambodian Buddhist ceremony was held at the Chan family residence in the morning in Hayward California. In the afternoon, an outdoor wedding ceremony was performed at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The traditional Chinese wedding banquet was held at the Meriwa Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco. A total of 52 tables with 520 family members, friends, relatives, guests and kung fu school instructors participated in the banquet.

Many famous kung fu teachers such as Sifu Lily Lau, Sifu Karman Wong, Sifu Ginni Lau, Sifu Nathan Fisher, Sifu Jaime Marquez, Sifu Alan Hubbard, Si-Mo Lekili Molina, Sifu Yadollah Moghaddam, Sifu William Lam, Sifu Evelina Lengyel, Sifu Don Tittle, Sifu Dennis Smith, and many head instructors of the Plum Blossom Federation schools participated in the banquet.

Grandmaster Wong's 95 year old mother was present at the wedding and the banquet having arrived from the senior home for that day. The Doc-Fai Wong Martial Arts Center and The Eastern Ways Kung Fu School performed lion dancing with 6 lions to open up the ceremony. The bride's brother Sifu Jason Wong was the master of the ceremony for the evening. After the dinner, a professional DJ kept people dancing until midnight.

The bride, Corinna, practiced kung fu since the age of 6. She was taught by her father, attaining the Black Sash level.

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Cambodian wedding.jpg
Cambodian Wedding
Cambodian wedding ceremony.jpg
Cambodian Wedding Ceremony
Corinna and Daniel in the banquet.jpg
Corinna and Daniel in the banquet
Daniel and Corinna.jpg
Daniel and Corinna
father and daughter dance.jpg
Father and Daughter
getting ready for the ceremony.jpg
Getting ready for the ceremony
Gm's 95 yrs old mother on the left side.jpg
Grandmaster's mother 95 years old - on left side
Grandmaster at the wedding ceremony.jpg
Grandmaster at the wedding ceremony
Lion dancing.jpg
Lion Dancing
Lion dancing in the banquet.jpg
Lion Dancing in the banquet
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