Plum Blossom International Federation
梅 花 蔡 李 佛 太 極 國 際 聨 盟 總 會
Tai Chi Chuan Ranking System

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BEGINNER I (Blue Sash / No Fringe)
1. Tai Chi Walking, Cloud Hands
2. Brush Knee, Horse's Mane
3. 8 Brocade Exercises
1. Da Lu Push Hands
2. 40 Form
3. 32 Tai Chi Sword Form
BEGINNER II (White Fringe)
1. 8 Step Form to the Horse Mane
2. 8 Step Form to The Kicks
3. 8 Step Form (Complete)
ADVANCED I (Purple Fringe)
1. 108 Form to 1st Cross Hands
2. 108 Form to 2nd Cross Hands
3. 108 Form Complete
BEGINNER III (Yellow Fringe)
1. 16 Step Form
2. Single Push Hands
3. Double Push Hands Pattern
ADVANCED II (Red Fringe)
1. 48 Form to Punch Downwards
2. 48 Form Complete
3. Tai Chi Saber Form
INTERMEDIATE I (Orange Fringe)
1. Left and Right Tai Chi Fan
2. 24 Form Complete
3. Moving Step Push Hands
ADVANCED III (Brown Fringe)
Two Man Saber, Tai Chi Long Sword Form 
1st Stripe: Wind Chasing Fan, Two Person Form
2nd Stripe: Five Elements Broadsword, Five Elements Flute
3rd Stripe: Yuen-Chou Sword, Taming Dragon Staff
4th Stripe: Plum Blossom Flute Form, Small Plum Blossom Double Broadsword Form
5th Stripe: Tai Chi Spear, Yin-Yang Double Jian
1. Plum Blossom Fan
2. Plum Blossom Straight Sword
3. Free Style Push Hands 
SENIOR (Black Fringe)
Big Frame Fast Form, Plum Blossom Double End Staff
1st Stripe: Sun and Moon Twin Wheels, Yang Fajing Form
2nd Stripe: Dragon and Tiger Double Stick, Plum Blossom Double Jian
3rd Stripe: Dragon and Phoenix Twin Wheels, Small Circle Fast Form
4th Stripe: Nine House Cane-Sword, Plum Blossom Mother and Son Saber
5th Stripe: Golden Dragon Cane-Sword, Yin-Yang Five Elements Palm

*Additional Forms with Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong

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