The Legendary Fights of Doc-Fai Wong
中 文 按 此

Alan Hubbard

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong arrived in San Francisco when he was only 11 years old with his mother to re-unite with his father. In this new environment many native Chinese and other Americans were trying to give him problems and bully him, so he decided to learn kung fu for self-defense. He learned from many so-called kung fu experts, but all they really taught him were some fancy hand forms.

Finally, he studied at the Hung Sing Studio in San Francisco’s Chinatown by the Portsmouth Square Park. He truly wanted to master the Chinese fighting arts, so he trained very hard for four hours a day and seven days a week until Great-Grandmaster Lau Bun passed away in September 1967. He continued teaching and learning Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi Chuan with Great Grandmasters Hu Yuen Chou and Wong Gong for over 25 years.

Although he never talks much of his personal achievements and success to anyone, all of his dedication has paid off. He is a very humble and shy person, only when we ask him does he answer our questions about past experiences. We try to write the stories often that we’ve heard from other martial artists, senior students and friends of Grandmaster Wong to document his past fighting records.

Courtyard Brawl

Doc-Fai Wong’s
First Tournament

from Texas

The Real
Tai Chi Deal

Push Hands
in Taiwan

The Swordsman?

The Taekwondo

Dark Alley
in Hong Kong

The First Push
Hands Victory

Talking Hands

Challenge in a
Hong Kong Park

A Mugger's

Gang in


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